Frontend Developer

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3000 - 5000 EUR
Experience: > 5 years
Employment: Full-time
Stack: webpack, css, mobx, nodejs, js-ts
English: B2. Upper-Intermediate



• 2+ years experience with ElectronJS. It is mandatory.
• 6+ years experience with Javascript and NodeJS.
• Strong skills with ReactJS, MobX, Webpack.
• Strong skills with HTML, CSS/Less, Bootstrap with a good sense of UI/UX.
• Strong skills with Webpack, Babel
• Strong skills with Figma
• Strong skills in writing Unit and Integration tests.
• Strong skills in writing Markdown.
• Strong skills in developing Cross Platform software.
• Ability to develop an implementation plan once provided with a mockup.
• Experience in writing, testing and debugging code that works across multiple browsers and cross platforms.
• Familiar with methods of building a website for good SEO.
• Experienced using ClickUp or a similar system to manage work.
• Experience in writing Pseudo Code before translating into real code.
• Experience in writing Chromium DevTools Extensions.
• Strong knowledge on Security and Cryptography.
• Strong knowledge on integrating all kind of database clients in NodeJS.
• Strong knowledge of Git and workflow control.
• Strong technical and personal communication skills.
• You are self-organised and can work autonomously.
• Good reading and writing English.


Approx. Salary: >$3500+ (netto), ready to discuss expected rate with candidate

• Flexible on having short calls for faster work process.
• Open minded and flexible for other approaches.
• Work closely with Development Lead, UX/UI Designers, CTO, and other development team members to create elegant, usable, responsive and interactive interfaces.
• Design, write, modify, integrate, and test complex UI components, business logic, supporting systems and integrate them with internal tools, frameworks, and external APIs.
• Be involved in the design, planning, estimation and execution of new features.
• Maintain a robust frontend CI/CD pipeline.
• Write Unit and Integration tests on software and all affected systems.
• Monitor software performance, watch for traffic drops related to usability problems and rectify the issues.
• Implement RESTful API's and WebSocket's to manage data.
• Produce exemplary code that is performant and reusable.
• Implement best practices in software design and coding standards.
• Ability to write well secured code and protocols for data communication.
• Apply code refactor when it is required.
• Apply own solutions and refactor codebase to improve software performance. Speed is crucial for us and our customers.
• Design database schema, api structure along with backend team to achieve a well structured data communication and performance.
• Update outdated packages and weekly keep up-to-date 3rd party dependencies, test every updated package and the entire software, apply code refactor where it is required.
• Write new Database clients wrapper based on our wrapper base structure.
• Write Chromium Dev tools Extensions when it will be required.
• Agile to switch between current working tasks to critical issues at that point to fix them.
• Ability on predicting the most far away worst use cases to prevent them.
• Ability to write and maintain documentation on each feature using Markdown.
• Ability to evaluate and test other new developers.

• Move our separated UI components library build inside the app codebase.
• Fix Monaco Editor plugins on app build level.
• Refactor Code Editor component to achieve Monaco Editor multiple file edit.
• Update all npm packages. Check every package major changes. Test package. Test entire software after every update.
• Fix Software updater.
• Refactor every UI component where it is needed to achieve best UI performance.
• Improve entire software UI performance.
• Apply refactor on required business logic modules which are mostly used to achieve a faster and more stable working solution.
• Remove unused babel plugins, test every change.
• Implement Unit and Integration tests structure and start to write on most important modules.
• Improve Webpack for faster build flow.
• Improve Fingerprint detection on all known anti-bot protection websites and fingerprint scan solutions.
• Fix Electron developer extensions load.
• Fix Hot module reload and implement latest Electron solutions to have best developer experience and to save time.
• Implement Store feature design into components and code functionality, integrate APIs.
• Move all API integration using new v2 API.
• Improve Roles management feature.
• Implement Payment feature.
• Implement Collaboration feature.
• Implement Debugger for Workflow tasks code.
• Implement other Roadmap features.

• Goals for the first year, current stage of the project, company established in 2016 in Singapore. 
• We are a team with strong experience in Web Automation's and Web Scraping niche. 

• provide All-in-One professional solution on the market for Automating any web task
• where developers and companies Automate web Workflows using JavaScript inside our software where they don't
• need to care about: proxy, anti bot protections, fingerprint bypassing, monitoring, analytics and chart tools,
• infrastructure, scalling for accessing million's of webpages, multiple browsers, DOM inspector, test tools, verion
• control, command line, 3rd party dependencies, etc. Our software is a desktop cross-platform app based on
• ElectronJS, ReactJS, MobX, Less, WebSockets, etc. to achieve a strong and complex UI interface for our business logic. Current progress allows us and our clients to Automate very sophysticated Workflow's on Web without leaving our software for: code editor, testing, running, monitoring, alerting, auto scalling, etc.

A very strong feature is our Fingerprinting solution which allows to generate any kind of browser fingerprint to bypass protections (Akamai, DistillNetworks, PerimeterX, etc.) and visit millions of web pages like a real users. All Wrokflow's run into our Edge Network where everyone can share their computer for resources and gets paid. 

This allows us easily to scale to any number of concurrent tasks. We prepare now to launch our product for everyone, right now it is used only by clients and developers which work with us.

• Meet project’s entire codebase and functionality.
• Complete critical tasks to achieve best software performance and security.
• Implement roadmap features to launch our product.
• Grow up to Frontend Team Lead role

• CFO, CTO, CEO, 1 Fronted Developer, 4 Workflow Developers, Designer, Remote Accounting Team of 5 people.

Working conditions


• Remote or on-site, terms of relocation
• Work is Remote
• Compensation fork suggested by the company + social package + non-material compensation and etc. TBD
• Approx. Salary: >$3500+ (netto), ready to discuss expected rate with candidate
Created 7 June 2022