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Sales Manager

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3000 - 5000 EUR
Experience: 1-3 years
Employment: Full-time
English: C2. Proficiency


 ⁃ Have list of loyal partners in gambling/betting areas (obligatory)
 ⁃ Have experience in gambling industry  or affiliate network
 ⁃ Have fluency in English, both written and spoken
 ⁃ Have experience at Digital / Mobile / CPA agency or affiliate network
 ⁃ Have outstanding communication skills, ability to communicate your thoughts/ideas clearly
 ⁃ Have analytical mindset, attentiveness, perseverance
 ⁃ Have will and ability to work with cold clients


 ⁃ Business development in gambling and betting areas
 ⁃ The whole deal process. This one usually involves several teams
 ⁃ Negotiations on different levels from affiliate managers to CEOs
 ⁃ Achieving growth and hitting sales targets
 ⁃ Monthly reporting 
 ⁃ Receivables control

Working conditions

 ⁃ Good salary (fixed part + monthly bonus)
 ⁃ Friendly team, like-minded people
 ⁃ Remote work
Created 1 June 2022