Backend Developer

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=nil; foundation
> 5000 EUR
Experience: > 5 years
Employment: Full-time
Stack: c-cpp
English: B2. Upper-Intermediate


5-6 years of C++ experience is required. Though if you have experience with C, it also counts.
You'd also need at least 3 years of experience building server-side software, which works
  over the network and is either multithreaded or async
Knowledge of database internals such as MVCC, commit logs, query optimization, index structures and others would be beneficial
Alternatively, we would value experience with any critical stateful services


We expect you to work on the database core which is written in C++
You will be improving the existing replication protocol to make it fault tolerant
  and tamper-proof
You would also work on improving our query language to compile with llvm to a WebAssembly runtime
And in addition you'll be building an actor model based on user-space stackful green threads 

Working conditions

We pay well
"No corporate bullshit" culture
You are free to work remotely from the location of your choice, or in our office in Limassol
We provide health insurance and pay for your hardware setup
If you need it, we help with relocation
Created 30 November 2022