Fullstack Developer

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23 Software
3000 - 5000 EUR
Experience: 3-5 years
Employment: Full-time
Stack: js-ts, react, nodejs, ms-sql
English: B2. Upper-Intermediate


- Experience developing React applications with Material UI library
- Experience with Node.js
- Experience with SQL is a plus
- Responsibility
- Good written English


- Develop web applications for our clients. The stack is Express.js on the backend and React + Material UI on the frontend. Some of the apps contain legacy code we have to support but mostly we develop applications from scratch.
- Develop our own web applications. We've got some interesting projects full of challenging tasks.

Working conditions

- We're a small team of developers just like you - we're doing our job good and expect you to do be the same
- Your location doesn't matter as long as you're between GMT-5 and GMT+5
- If you're either in Russia or Belarus, we can only pay you with Crypto
Created 31 May 2022