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< 2000 EUR
Experience: 1-3 years
Employment: Full-time
English: B2. Upper-Intermediate


•	Work experience in a similar position is your strong side;
•	Fluent Romanian and B2+ for English 
•	Knowledge in different aspects of community communications like accounting, research, event participation, onboarding, and organizing;
•	Able to work full-time (weekdays only)
•	A self-starter with an ability to multitask, prioritize effectively, and demonstrate flexibility to meet various administrative and operational needs.


•	Localization (Translation overview, an adaptation of the site for Romanian-speaking users):
•	check new translations.
•	report if you notice a mistake on the site in the existing ones.
•	(This usually takes no more than one hour a week or so.)
•	Help for existing models and studios (help them to start retaining
•	them):
•	Find boards, forums, and chats for existing Romanian-speaking models
•	and studios, register there and start communicating with them.
•	Every month, make contacts with X new studios or independent models
•	who are already on Stripchat;
•	Answer their questions about the site, advise on what can be improved,
•	train them and increase their average check.
•	Providing feedback from the Romanian-speaking market (models & users):
1.	collect and provide feedback on each new feature for users/models/studios (within the 2-5 days after release);
2.	collect feedback on what can be improved in the existing functionality (make a report every two weeks);
3.	collect feedback about new features/options for Romanian-speaking users’ models / (make a report every two weeks).
•	Bringing new studios / independent models / pornstars.
•	Requirements:
•	Knowledge of the Romanian language at the level of a native speaker;
•	Good and fluent written language;
•	Understanding of webcam business (and adults in general).

Working conditions

•	Cyprus experience: once a year Wisebits pays for a trip to Cyprus;
•	Career growth and professional development in a rapidly growing project;
•	Constant education & leveling up your skills;
•	Unique opportunity to build your career among the best professionals on the market.
Created 30 September 2022