Backend Developer

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3000 - 5000 EUR
Experience: 3-5 years
Employment: Full-time
Stack: python
English: B2. Upper-Intermediate


Strong knowledge of python 3.6+
Strong knowledge of SQL and experience with postgres
Confident knowledge and experience with one of the web frameworks (Django / Flask / FastAPI e.t.c.)
Experience in writing system utilities and scripts in both python and bash
Experience with CI/CD systems
Ability to understand someone else's code and, if necessary, ask questions or deep dive into source code of external libraries
At least a high-level understanding of machine learning processes
Understanding how to architecturally build online data processing pipelines with ML models
bash, git, linux, docker

Will be a plus:
Experience in writing and maintaining asynchronous services (asyncio + aiohttp / tornado e.t.c.)
Knowledge and experience in any of the statically typed languages ​​(go / c++ / java / c# e.t.c.)
Basic knowledge of JS (simple web pages for admin panels)
Experience with image and video processing (ffmpeg, opencv e.t.c.)
Experience with MLFlow, Kubernetes, OpenShift
Experience in writing production systems, understanding how to write maintainable and efficient code


Platform and backend services development
Development and support of video streaming processing pipelines with models written by our CV engineers
Development of monitoring and analytics services, integration of existing solutions with databases and platforms for collecting metrics and analytics (prometheus, graphite, postgres)
Best practices evangelism in software development among colleagues

Working conditions

Technologies We Use

Most of our stack is python 3.6+ but we’re using and investigating many other languages and technologies (e.g., Ruby, server side JavaScript, C++, Python). We’d be interested in candidates from any background as long as you have a keen understanding of Object Oriented languages. Here’s a (not exclusive) list of systems, languages, frameworks and technologies we currently use:

Python, Postgres, SQL, bash, git, linux, docker, gitlab CI/CD, ffmpeg, opencv, MLFlow, DVC, saltstack

We offer:
A cool multilingual team with interesting tasks for running neural networks online on hardware servers and in the cloud
Own fleet of servers for training models
Convenient office
Created 8 April 2022