QA Engineer

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3000 - 5000 EUR
Experience: 3-5 years
Employment: Full-time
Stack: js-ts
English: B1. Intermediate


- Knowledge of testing theory (types of testing, principles of test design);
- Experience from 3 years;
- Experience in writing test documentation (checklists, test cases) using appropriate test design techniques;
- Theoretical and practical understanding of methodologies and software life cycle processes;
- Experience in UX/UI testing;
- API testing experience;
- Web application testing skills;
- Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS;
- Experience in REST API testing using Postman, Insomnia;
- Knowledge of HTTP request methods and types of status codes;
- Knowledge of XML, JSON, CSV formats;
- Excellent communication skills.


- Requirements analysis, clarification of all aspects of the project (deep dive into the testing process in the context of model-driven development, clarification of work details, studying of business logic);
- Development of test documentation (test cases, checklists, test plans);
- Conducting test reporting: establishment and control of the life cycle of bugs;
- Functional testing of web services;
- API and integration testing;
- Regression and smoke testing during releases;
- Development and updating of test cases and test plans;
- Formation of tasks for developers based on bug reports.

Working conditions

- High salary (plus performance bonuses and salary revision on regular basis);
- Work schedule: Mon-Fri (8 hours per day) with flexible starting hours;
- 24-days holiday leave;
- First line seaview from your office;
- Corporate English lessons;
- GYM and SPA in the office;
- Corporate meals;
- Eventful corporate life;
- Exciting work challenges that allow you to grow to your full potential;
- Strong team of like minded professionals who will be by your side to accomplish ambitious projects, and to stimulate your professional development and bring experience.
Created 27 April 2023