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  • Project Management: 330
  • Product Management: 253
  • Backend Developer: 186
  • Business Analyst: 159
  • QA Engineer: 128
  • System Analyst: 105
  • Frontend Developer: 102
and 1880 more candidates
JavaScript Developer
Backend Developer
QA Engineer
UX/UI Designer
Project Manager
Senior Frontend Developer
Target candidates
Our bot solves the problem of a long direct search. Our candidates are ready to relocate and work in a specific industry. All you have to do is invite them for an interview.
“The real deals“
We do not publish CVs of under-motivated candidates. All specialists are ready to pack their bags and head to Cyprus.
Do you host exclusively developers' CVs at HRCyprus, or it is possible to find other specialisations?
Our starting focus is IT-specialists, but you can find candidates for other digital positions.
Vacancies only in Cyprus?
At the initial stage, we keep the focus on Cyprus. The whole world is in the plans!
How to publish a vacancy?
Once you fill in the form on the website, we'll receive your request to publish job openings. The only thing you need to do then is to subscribe to our Telegram bot to get relevant applications daily. No spam no glam.
How long will it take before I start receiving applications?
As a rule, companies receive 70% of applications during the first day after publication. This means that you'll get real candidates within 24 hours.
Should I expect spam from irrelevant candidates?
No. However, we recommend that you publish several vacancies to widen the funnel of potential candidates!
What if I don't have a specific vacancy?
Contact us via Telegram @polyzaza and we'll add you to the most interesting groups.
Rates and prices
No charge
At the moment we provide our services for free. You can donate any sum if you want to say thank you.

Rare specialists.

We'll find candidates for hard-to-fill roles: CEO, an engineer with a rare background. All you have to do is give us a detailed inquiry.
We'll send our expert or a target group if your business grows faster than you manage to find people, and carry out the whole hiring process (either from your or our office).
We'll carry out market research upon your request: find out the average salaries for the specialists you need, their expectations and ways to attract them.
Add your vacancies and we will find the relevant specialists.
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